Arkiteam is about architecture and interior design with layers.

We are not a studio; we are a team.

We are a team of architects, designers, leaders, and change-makers building meaningful spaces for people since 2015. We believe that architecture and design matter, and that through our work, we can make a positive difference in the world. We look for solutions that can have an impact beyond the project that can move the needle in some way and contribute to society and culture.

Our ideas are not in competition; rather, they work in parallel.

Function and emotion.

Tradition and technology.

Lifestyle and experience.

The outcome is work with depth. We design for a better future because whatever we've built will build the new generation.

  • Inspiring

  • Meaningful

  • Respectful

  • Passionate

Impact Strategies for building a sustainable future

Environmental impacts are the changes in natural or built environment, resulting directly from an activity, that can have adverse effects on the air, land, water and wildlife or the inhabitants of the ecosystem.

We should consider every opportunity to lead the way for environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We should make smarter choices with sustainable designs and reiterate the issues that have already known...

While we’re still thinking how to help the earth in our design process, we’re willing to find more responsive and sustainable solutions.